Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown would have to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, but despite all it has to offer, it has never appealed to me all that much. I have found it to have built up so much in such a short time, and that it is so directly aimed at tourists, that prices on everything from food through to real estate are just unrealistic, and the commercialism of the place is difficult to miss.

Despite all of this, it does have it's good points. Lake Wakatipo is beautiful, and a ride on the historic TSS Earnslaw is a chance to see all of it. Then there is the gondala, from which a ride to the skyline lookout offers fantastic views. Paragliding and other activities are also available in the area.

And who can forget Bungy Jumping - this is where it all started. The world's first commercial bungy jumping operation is just a short drive away (on the road to Cromwell) at the Kawarau Bridge - set up by A J Hackett who invented the craze. Additionally, there is a bungy jumping platform at the top of the gondala ride, as well as a louge for those just itching to get their heart rates pumping.

Arrowtown, New Zealand

Arrowtown is a chance to look into the past, it still being mostly representitive of when it was founded. Also just a short drive from Queenstown, although it is off the main road.

More detail in late February / early March once I have been back to refresh my memory.


Queenstown and surrounds

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