East Coast Otago, New Zealand

To be honest, the East Coast of Otago, and indeed the whole road journey between Dunedin and Christchurch for that matter, have little to offer except the occasional view of the sea along the way. None the less, two things do stand out for me ...

Oamaru is a town in an area once rich with limestone, and many of the beautiful buildings in the town make use of this material with stunning effect. If you are passing through, and you appreciate architecture, take a bit of time to have a good look around - some of it is hidden away in the backstreets too.

Moeraki has a very unique attraction just off State Highway 1. On the beach, in the water, and even embedded in the natural wall are a large number of boulders that have over time been washed by the sea into almost perfect spheres - it's hard to beleive what they are, and how big they are (check out the photos for a sneak peek). It is well worth stopping off and going for the short walk down the beach, even in poor weather conditions.


Oamaru / Moeraki

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