Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is a city that has never really appealed that much to me - I guess being so flat it has always just seemed to lack any character. Despite this is does have some good points.

Like Dunedin, there is some magnificent architecture (such as the two main cathedrals and the arts centre), although being in a bigger setting, there seems to be less of it around. Christchurch are trying to revive the historic feel though, with old trams working in a loop around the city centre. Just off from Cathedral Square itself is a reasonable amount of shopping in pedestrian malls.

The one thing about Christchurch I do love though is Ferrymead. Situated just off the road to Sumner, Ferrymead is a historic park showing how life has been at different times since NZ was settled. There is also a large emphasis on transport here - this being where the trams in the city were restored. There is a "tram barn" with trams in many states of repair inside, and lots of information on how they restore them.

It is a great shame though that Ferrymead obviously isn't getting much (if any) funding from the government, as many exhibits are looking a bit neglected. It is still worth the entry fee though, and check advertisments for the days different types of transport (trams, trains, trolley buses) will be running.

Apparently there is a plan to build a Maori Historic area next door to Ferrymead, which will help give a more complete history of NZ, and hopefully bring more people to the area.


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Cathedral Square / Ferrymead

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