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Travelling around different parts of the world, we have had experience with a number of airlines here and there, and now wish to share our feelings with you.

We will tell you which airlines we have travelled with, how many seperate flights to make up the impression we got, and what exactly we thought.

Well, here we go (listed alphabectically):

Air New Zealand

Alliances: Star Alliance (may soon switch to One World)
Number of flights: 5
Price Bracket: mid - high range
Service: excellant
Comments: Air New Zealand have come a long way since competition was introduced into New Zealand's skies. My first few flights were very ordinary, and many a year ago, but the last two flights have shown me they have come a long way since then. The onboard service was excellant, and the aircraft much more pleasant to fly on. It is a real shame the Qantas deal looks set to go ahead, because it will probably drag them backwards ...

Egypt Air

Alliances: unknown
Number of flights: 2
Price Bracket: mid range
Service: good
Comments: Despite all the bad things you hear about this airline, I found them to be not too bad. I wouldn't say they offered an exceptional service, but certainly one that makes for a comfortable journey. Their staff in the Singapore bookings office were also very friendly and helpful.

Freedom Air

Alliances: none (budget carrier)
Number of flights: 6
Price Bracket: low - mid range
Service: excellant
Comments: A little overpriced for a budget carrier, but for me it is still noticably cheaper, and much easier, to fly straight into Dunedin rather than to have to go via Christchurch. Being a budget carrier all consumables on board are paid for on board. Freedom Air is a subsidary of Air New Zealand.


Alliances: One World
Number of flights: 4
Price Bracket: high range
Service: ordinary
Comments: For an airline that charges ticket prices on a par with Singapore Airlines, you would hope the service would also be on a par - I have found it to be nothing but ordinary at best. One flight was on a plane beautifully painted with Aboriginal Art, and the staff onboard not only didn't know they were on one of the two specially painted planes, but could tell us nothing of the significance of the painting - I sincerly hope Qantas train their staff a bit better in the future.

Singapore Airlines

Alliances: Star Alliance
Number of flights: 10
Price Bracket: high range
Service: excellant
Comments: Although they can be a bit pricey, Singapore Airlines would have to be my number one choice to fly with. They say you get what you pay for, and with SIA that certainly is the case - they were one of the first to put individual TV screens into economy class. One small gripe though - there is a little inconsistancy in the service from the onboard staff - on the main trunk route of Sydney to Singapore I had nothing but the best service, but Singapore to the Philippines some of the staff were a bit lacking in their service levels. is not responsible for the content of external sites -> Airline Ratings

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